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Embedded Controls

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Custom Electronics

Sophisticated and reliable electronics require a wide range of technologies. We draw on a team with over 100 years of experience to create innovative and efficient solutions that enhance the value of your products. Our specialized microprocessor based monitoring and control systems utilize many of the following features:

Sensor Interfaces: Temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, voltage, current sensing, contacts, or any of a wide variety of custom sensors.

Device Controllers: Support for high and low power digital and analog devices. Pulse width modulation, analog voltage or current drive, digital devices. A/C devices that need special modulation, soft start, soft stop, variable speed, etc. Digital devices that need stepping, variable pulsing, high precision timed control, etc.

Operator Interfaces: Displays, illuminated indicators, buttons / switches, keypads, etc… even handheld computers.

Communications: Traditional telephonic type (RS-232, RS-485), radio frequency, power line carrier, infrared, and other proprietary methods.

Embedded Diagnostic Capabilities: For many products, service is performed by the end user or the salesman. Wherever possible, we design the product to self diagnose any problems that may be affecting operation. We also provide removable connectors for external wiring to assist in servicing the product.


Custom Embedded Electronics Controls

We Specialize In:

  • Temperature, Motion, Pressure, Pattern, Sampling and Positioning Controls
  • Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Microprocessor Design
  • Microcontroller Design
  • Communications
  • Remote Controls
  • Pumping/Level Controls
  • Smart Grid Enabled Controls
  • Process Controls

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