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Embedded Controls

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Embedded Controls

Software Development

The depth of experience found in our software development team is unique in our industry. Our experience ranges from super computers to embedded PCs. This includes:

Control Algorithms: State machine, fuzzy logic, PID, and our own proprietary methods to meet specific needs.

Data Acquisition: Pulse timing, digital and analog filtering, signal de-bounce and validation, high speed sampling and counting, sensor translation, etc.

Communication: Networked systems (I2C, SPI, CAN, Ethernet, etc), RS-232, RS-485, multi-dropped or point-to-point, systems requiring standard or proprietary protocols, we've used them all.

Operator Interfaces: Windows and related interfaces, graphic and text displays, LED bar displays, lighted outputs, digit displays, keyboards, other input devices. Regardless of the interface, we have developed ways to make complicated interfaces simple and flexible.

Database Knowledge: Access, SQL, Oracle, DB2, FoxPro, interlocked flat files, etc. We use just about everything to insure that data is captured, retained, and made available for analysis and presentation.

Failsafe Operation: Whether it's a power failure, bad sensors, or just Murphy's Law paying a visit, we are well versed in surviving these pitfalls. For years we've been making fault tolerant systems that must run continuously in lousy environments.


Custom Embedded Electronics Controls Software

Software/Firmware Development

We develop software capabilities that create competitive advantages for our customers.

  • Control Algorithms
  • Data Acquisition
  • Communication
  • Operator Interfaces
  • Database Knowledge
  • Failsafe Operation

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